Safety and Security

Lambeth Country Show, south London’s biggest free community festival, attracts over 100,000 people from across London to Brockwell Park.

Ensuring public safety is a crucial element in event planning in London and the Lambeth Country Show is no exception.

The decision to erect a perimeter fence and bag searches on entry was taken after specific advice from the borough’s Safety Advisory Group.

The police have advised that a ‘serious risk to public safety’ was identified following the Lambeth Country Show in 2017.

Further, the Council’s insurer has requested these additional measures in order to insure the event. The current national terrorism threat level has also had to be taken into account. The new measures should not impact on people’s enjoyment of the Country Show and will ensure public safety.

Key police safety advice included:

– Removing elements of the event that attract disorder

– Adequate fencing and security

– An increase in the number of experienced security staff on site

– Stricter searches on entry

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