We are the highest certified public event in the UK for our policies and efforts on reducing our impact on the environment.

In 2015, we committed to being as environmentally sustainable as possible and set out policies and an action plan to help us reduce the carbon footprint of the show. We have previously been assessed against Julie’s Bicycle Creative Industry Green criteria based on emissions data and evidence submitted – and received 3 stars (the highest possible!) in recognition of our efforts to embed environmental sustainability into our operations and activities. We have now also started our journey with A Greener Festival to gain certification from them.

The show is a real opportunity to model sustainable behaviour and engage with the community on how we can reduce the resources that we use and why this is important to Lambeth, to London and the planet.

Below you will find detailed information about our actions and policies, as well as guidance on what you can do to help us achieve our ongoing targets.

What are we doing to reduce our impact on the environment?